Welcome to Ayeletland

What is Ayeletland, exactly? It’s a state of mind. My weird little mind, to be specific. In Ayeletland every day is an opportunity to be amazed, by awesome forces of nature found far from home and tiny discoveries made on your own block. It’s the idea that life is brimming with endless moments of joy big and small that are just waiting to be chased down and experienced by the people willing to go find (and recognize) them. Ayeletland is a place for dreamers who are doers too.

For the most part I have always had my head in the sky with an appreciation for the odd and outlandish. My parents applied for my first passport when I was one month old and I was flying 30,000 feet in the air before I could crawl. With a travel agent for a father I have been gifted with the mindset since I was young that paradise wasn’t a place you endlessly imagine someday seeing but one you visit and plan another trip to as soon as you make it back home. Growing up in Los Angeles has meant having my over the top experiences at home too, though. LA teaches me the value of making every day an adventure, being surrounded by the absurdity and joyous chaos and craziness that makes the city what it is. In some respects my spirit is apparently a rarity. I have countlessly been asked how I can take road trips by myself-as if it’s strange-and been told by friends that they wish they could find the places I do as if it’s some special gift.

But mostly, I am completely ordinary. I don’t own any hiking or camping gear. I live paycheck to paycheck. I miss turns and get lost sometimes. I make compromises, staying in shitty motels or bringing food with me rather than eat out to pay for experiences along the way. I travel alone so I can do whatever I want and sometimes it is lonely or I panic when I find myself on a dirt road and the low tire pressure light comes on. I’m just a girl doing the best she can. And that’s why I am here! To share my adventures in hopes that it inspires you to take a few of your own or encourages you to keep getting the most you can out of this amazing and crazy world we live in. I hope you’ll follow me on my journeys and share some of your own with me in return.

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