Palm Springs and Aura Photographs

Last week I drove out to Palm Springs to have my aura photographed by the amazing Christina from Radiant Human. She was hosted by the Palm Springs Art Museum which has an exhibition on Carlos Cruz Diez (among others) running that I had wanted to see so it seemed like kismet she would be there. Not to be a total hippie, but I am all about these aura photographs. You put your hands on two silver sensors that read your electromagnetic energy and translate them into colors while Christina takes your photo with polaroid film. Even if you think the interpretation of the colors is bollocks, you always walk away with a beautiful and unique portrait image. Since I don’t think it’s bollocks I was pleased that the photo confirmed how I have been feeling the past month-focused on a goal and a lot of energy spent thinking about the future.

Radiant Human’s traveling aura photograph studio.
It me (and my aura).

After that I wandered the museum, which was pretty great:IMG_2261


Carlos Cruz Diez:

Then it was off to explore some of Palm Springs’s quirkier buildings:

The Saguaro Hotel, a rainbow lover’s dream.
Elvis and Priscilla Presley honeymooned here in the 60s.

3 thoughts on “Palm Springs and Aura Photographs

  1. Cherylkhe

    Not sure my initial comment went thru as I was subscribing at the same time….
    I’m curious how you knew about artist/museum and found homes–were you just wandering and stumbled upon? Or intentionally following a guide of sorts?


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