Robolights, Palm Springs

Robolights is something that I just learned about this year (thank you Shelly for being so cool!) and immediately knew I had to see. It took many false starts between moving apartments this month and LA traffic but I finally made it happen last weekend, Christmas crowds be damned! It blew my mind and far surpassed my expectations. There’s no way to explain this amazing, weird, and somewhat disturbing place. It’s a Christmas lights extravaganza you just have to experience. I will say that it was much larger than I expected and I noticed a look of gleeful awe on the faces of pretty much everyone else who was there-everyone from the teenaged boyfriends who got dragged by their girlfriends to tired parents toting kids to people who were clearly not aware where they were going before they got there. This is a place that just makes you happy, even if you are also very, very confused.


Nothing says Christmas cheer like a room full of skulls.
Yup, this is super normal. Nothing to see here…

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