Life’s Too Short For Ugly Nails

I didn’t get my first manicure until I was well into adulthood, always having been a late bloomer in the self-care and beautification departments. You’d never know today though, as my nails are always on point as part of a ritual in taking care of myself now that I am finally in a place where I can financially and will emotionally do so. Perhaps it’s because I work in an office and type all day, so I look down at my nails frequently. Perhaps it’s a way to feel put together even when nothing else is. Or perhaps it’s just an extension of my interest in style and aesthetics. Whatever it is, you can be sure I will not be seen running out with chipped polish or none at all. Perish the thought! I can’t seem to keep them simple either, which is where Gloss Nail Spa comes in. It’s conveniently located a stone’s throw from my home, in Silver Lake, and is the best place to go for gel manicures (which last for 3-4 weeks) or nail art and otherwise fancy nails on the east side of LA, and without the hefty price tag of the spots in Beverly Hills like esNail. It’s also across the street from the adorable Cafe Tropical, which makes a really good, strong cafe con leche. Parking here fills up quick and if I don’t have an appointment I like to get in and out early so it’s a perfect way to start out my weekend.

So what exactly is so great about the manicures they do here? They always have the newest products, from holographic powder to nail tape and glitter in every possible color, and there are mimosas if you’re having a girls’ day out or bachelorette, Eames chairs to sit in, and more. It’s a fun and inviting space–the girls almost all have pink, blue, or purple hair and are easy to talk to. Since those products don’t necessarily mean anything unless you already know what they are, let’s take a peek at some of my various manicures over the couple years I’ve been coming here. These looks ranged from $40-55 depending on how absurd I was feeling (i.e. how intricate the designs are) but like I said, it lasts almost a month unless you are a carpenter or similarly use your hands intensely. It’s a splurge but we all have our “things” and unlike me you don’t have to redo them every time they need to be taken off. Gloss will remove your gel once it’s looking sad for $5 and send you on your way.

Rainbow foil on black gel. The nail tech transfers a sheet of rainbow foil onto the nail to create this effect. 
Holographic nail tape and painted black triangles on nude gel.
Galaxy holo powder stripe on red and black gel.
Glass shatter and fairy dust (microglitter) on nude gel.
Holographic and metallic purple nail tape on galaxy holo powder.
Alternating ombred holographic powder on black gel.
Ombred holographic powder on red gel.
Barbie nails! Galaxy holo powder stripe on hot pink and baby pink gel.
Galaxy holo powder on black and white gel.
Holographic powder on pink and red gel.
Confetti nails! Japanese paillettes on nude gel. These were my favorite ever. 
Galaxy holo powder on blue gel. 
Aurora pigment powder on blue and white gel.
Raw aqua and purple glitter. 
Raw green glitter. 

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