Fossil Falls

Fossil Falls is a blink and you’ll miss it stop off the 395 freeway, near what’s left of Owens Lake. This is a unique geological range of smooth volcanic rock shaped into waves with divots and other strange formations carved out of water thousands of years ago when there were glaciers in this region and this was a waterfall. It’s a little flat .2 mile walk to the falls from the free parking area and there is also a campground, making Fossil Falls a perfect place to get out and stretch your legs on the way to or from Mammoth or Death Valley or take an extended break if needed. You can get to the bottom of the falls climbing down the rocks (though since they are so oddly shaped proceed with caution-I almost ate shit half a dozen times…), walk around to view them safely from atop, or rappel down if you like rock climbing thanks to the anchors someone has bolted at various points around the end of the waterfall’s mouth, where the canyon below is deepest. Either way it was a very worthwhile little detour and I would happily stop here again! IMG_5623

The view on the short walk to Fossil Falls.
The entryway into the falls.


Look at the colors of the rock! Reminds me of velvet obsidian. 


The end of the falls as viewed from within.


Do you see my friend on the other side? This is a pretty huge expanse of rocks.


Area around the falls.


A view of the end of the falls from the top.
Oh hi.


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