Alabama Hills

Oops, I forgot I had a blog. Not really, but I have been incredibly lazy this month. I guess one can’t climb rocks all the time when there are bills to pay. But let’s go back to last month when I did! Alabama Hills is a sprawling area full of interesting rock formations a short drive from Lone Pine in Inyo and set against the Sierra Nevada mountains, including Mount Whitney. When there’s snow on the mountains the contrast is especially beautiful, though it’s the rocks that have drawn dozens of film and television shoots, including for “Django Unchained,” “Gladiator,” and many westerns. There are numerous spots for camping and desolate stretches good for reflecting in solitude but there are also plenty of people out enjoying this spot. The arch trail loop, just about the only marked trail or feature in the area, is particularly popular (because look below at my photo of Mobius Arch, it’s kind of a nice spot y’all) but it wasn’t overbearing, even midday in the midst of a holiday weekend.

After all the hiking my friends and I were pretty famished so went to the highest rated restaurant in nearby Lone Pine. You know how when you’re starving anything tastes good? Lone Pine is apparently counting on that. So. Much. Grease. Just insane, really. So bring some protein bars and wait to eat until you’re somewhere else. 🙂 IMG_5629

I want to go camping with these folks! Look at that view.


Mobius Arch on arch loop trail with Mount Whitney behind me.
This is the point in the western film where the horse needs a break or the wagon wheel breaks and they make camp. 


Heart Arch. Kind of unbelievable-from far away the arch is legitimately heart shaped but from here it looks like two lovers embracing. Or so I am told-I am dead inside, so unable to recognize such romantic symbols myself. 
Lone Pine. Excellent shop signs, horrific restaurant food. 

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