Camping It Up at the Madonna Inn

While I love nature and exploring alone out in the wilds, I have never actually been camping. I have, however, done camp. The Madonna Inn is a well-known hotel in San Luis Obispo in California's central coast with a variety of themed rooms that also features a diner with something of a chalet theme, a …

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Glamping in Santa Barbara County

Last year during the amazing superbloom California was blessed with I discovered Carrizo Plain National Monument. In December I booked a stay at nearby Blue Sky Center in New Cuyama for April, hoping that we would get enough rain for a repeat performance of endless carpets of yellow, orange, and purple flowers this spring. That …

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Big Horn Mine in the Angeles National Forest

Big Horn Mine is an abandoned gold mine from the late 1800s near the Vincent Gap parking lot in Angeles National Forest, a reasonably short drive north of Los Angeles. This is a pretty easy but rewarding hike, whether you hoist yourself up into the mine itself or not. The trailhead listed this as a …

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